The Stormbringer: Written

The Stormbringer
Race: High Elf is best, Dark Elf, and Breton

Attributes: Magicka - 52; Health - 12; Stamina - 0

Mundus Stone: The Thief, The Shadow, The lover

Champion Points: The Warrior: Ironclad, Hardy, Elemental Defender, Quick Recov

                                    The Thief: Warlord, Arcanist, Tumbling

                                    The Mage: Elfborn, Elemental Expert, Thaumaturge

  Combat: Two Destruction Staves

First Bar: Bound Aegis, Dark Conversion (Inner Light), See Video, Shock Clench

                  Crushing Shock

Second Bar: Bound Aegis, Elemental Blockade, Lightning Flood, Hardened Ward

                        Power Surge

         The video best explains the rotation and idea behind each skill bar

Armor:  The Netch's Touch set is the best, then combine with any set that uses the

                jewelry slots. TBS, Julianos, and the like are also good alternatives to

                farming for the Netch's Set as it is a bind on pickup set.

                Seven Light Armor, Divines Trait, Magicka/Spell Damage enchants