The Stormbringer
Race: High Elf is best, Dark Elf, and Breton

Attributes: Magicka - 52; Health - 12; Stamina - 0

Mundus Stone: The Thief, The Shadow, The lover

Champion Points: The Warrior: Ironclad, Hardy, Elemental Defender, Quick Recov

                                    The Thief: Warlord, Arcanist, Tumbling

                                    The Mage: Elfborn, Elemental Expert, Thaumaturge

                                                         75 pts in Thaumaturge is clutch.

  Combat: Two Destruction Staves

First Bar: Bound Aegis, Inner Light, Crystal Fragments, Shock Clench

                        Crushing Shock

Second Bar: Bound Aegis, Elemental Blockade, Lightning Flood, Hardened Ward

                        Power Surge

         The general idea is to lay down the AoE's and activate the buff on the back bar

         Then switch to the front bar and alternate Shock Clench, Crushing Shock, and

         activate Crystal Fragments as it procs.

Armor:  Mother's Sorrow combined with Julianos and the Grothdarr Monster Helm

                is what you should aspire too, but barring that this will help you get started.

                The best armor trait for most anything is still Divines


                Seven Light Armor, Divines Trait, Magicka/Spell Damage enchants

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