The Wildclaw
Races: Any stamina focused race - Khajiit, Redguard, Imperial, Bosmer, etc 

Attributes: Magicka - 0 ; Health - 12 ; Stamina - 52

Mundus Stone: The Shadow, The Thief, or The Lover

Champion Points:  Warrior - Hardy/Elemental Defender/Ironclad
                                     Thief - Warlord/Mooncalf/Tumbling
                                     Mage - Precise Strikes/Mighty/Piercing/Thaumaturge
First Bar: Dual Wield - Deadly Cloak, Subter Assault, Cutting Dive, Bull Netch
                                                  Steel Tornado

       Second Bar: Bow - Endless Hail, Rearming Trap, Green Lotus, Vigor, Poison


Combat: Buff up on the back bar, then apply endless hail, poison injection, put

                 down rearming trap, switch to Dual Wield, Deadly Cloak, Bull Netch

                  then alternate Subterr Assault since it has the 3 second delay with

                  cutting dive and Steel Tornado.

Gear: The Best In Slot for all Stam DPS is Vicious Ophidian (Serpent) with Velidreth
            Monster Set, Agility Jewelry

            Until you get there I recommend things like Hunding's Rage, Defiler's etc

            Weapons: Leki's is a cheap alternative to VMA/Master Weapons,

            Traits: Divines is still best for armor, and for Weapons with the recent

                         changes are more balanced and situational so Infused/Precise/

                         Sharpened are still solid options

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