The Wraithclaw
Races: Any stamina focused race - Khajiit, Redguard, Imperial, Bosmer, etc

Attributes: Magicka - 0 ; Health - 12 ; Stamina - 52

Mundus Stone: The Shadow, The Thief, The Lover

Champion Points:  Warrior - Hardy/Elemental Defender/Ironclad
                                     Thief - Warlord/Mooncalf/Tumbling
                                     Mage - Precise Strikes/Mighty/Piercing

First Bar: (Two- Handed) Ambush, Killer's Blade, Evil Hunter, Power Extraction,

     Wrecking Blow

Second Bar: (Dual Wield) Blood Craze, Razor Caltrops, Mirage, Resolving Vigor,

     Reaper's Mark

   So for the first of all we're using all swords for the extra damage through passives,

Ambush is a great opener/gap closer. Killer's Blade does exceptional damage to low

health enemies. Make sure to keep Reaper's Mark/Power Extraction up for the

damage buffs/healing. Basically you'll want to apply Mirage, throw caltrops down,

Ambush in, use Power Extraction, and the use wrecking blow/killer's blade to

finish things off.

      The Best In Slot for all Stam DPS is Vicious Ophidian (Serpent) with Velidreth
      Monster Set, Agility Jewelry

Armor: 5 Medium/2 Heavy. Divines Trait, Stamina Enchants. I recommend the

  following set-up as a jumping off point as these pieces are very easy/cheap to


  Helm: Medium Ashen Grip

  Shoulder: Medium Ashen Grip

  Bracer: Heavy Hunding's Rage

  Chest: Medium Hunding's Rage

  Belt: Heavy Hunding's Rage

  Feet: Medium Hunding's Rage

  Pants: Medium Hunding's Rage

  Neck: Agility, weapon dmg enchant

  Rings: Agility, weapon dmg enchant

  Two-Handed Sword: Ashen Grip, Disease Enchant

  Two Swords: Ashen Grip, Disease Enchants
       (Any Melee DPS traits will do, but I like Sharpened)

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