So this build is all about Melee DoT stacking as a Dragonknight in ESO. Here's a
video explaining the basics, but I'll write it out below that!

Magicka: 0    Health: 12  Stamina: 52

Mundus Stone: The Thief, The Shadow, The Lover

      The Best In Slot for all Stam DPS is Vicious Ophidian (Serpent) with Velidreth
      Monster Set, Agility Jewelry

Armor: Below are the easiest sets to get started with, but for max dps you
      want the 5 piece medium set "The Viper" that can be bought or found

      in Sanctum Ophidia. The Valkyn Skoria set is also very good for this, so either

      either 5 piece Viper/4 piece Hundings Rage or 5 piece Viper/2 piece Skoria.

      The Viper/Hunding's combo puts your crit at almost 70% so I think it's an

      awesome combo. The Divines trait is always the preferred armor trait for dps.
 Heavy Helm: Hunding's Rage, Divine Trait, Stamina Enchant

 Heavy Shoulders: Hunding's Rage, Divine Trait, Stamina Enchant

 Medium Bracers: The Viper, Divine Trait, Stamina Enchant

 Medium Legs: The Viper, Divine Trait, Stamina Enchant

 Medium Chest: The Viper, Divine Trait, Stamina Enchant

 Medium Belt: The Viper, Divine Trait, Stamina Enchant

 Medium Boots: The Viper, Divine Trait, Stamina Enchant


First Bar: Dual Wield, AXES!, Precise Trait, Hunding's Rage, Damage Enchants ( I

   like Absorb Health)

Second Bar: Bow, Precise Trait,Hunding's Rage, Damage Enchant

Skill Bars:

Dual Wield:Blood Craze,Blood Thirst,Evil Hunter,Shrouded Blades,Venomous Claw

   Philosophy: This is your main damage and single target ability bar, open with

Shrouded Blades to proc the 20% weapon damage buff, Then apply Venomous

Claw and Blood Craze DoTs. If there isn't multiply enemies this is a good time to

spam Blood Thirst, which along with Blood Crazy will provide some healing.

Bow:Endless Hail,Noxious Breath,Igneous Shield,Resolving Vigor,Reflective Scales

  Philosophy: This bar is for applying AoE dmg and healing/dmg prevention. If

faced with more than one enemy use Endless Hail And Noxious Breath to do some

DoT AoE dmg. Also use Igneous Shields, and Resolving Vigor for very solid

self-healing. Making sure to use the shield first for the extra healing received buff

Final Note
This Build uses a lot of passive effects to increase and add DoT damage from
weapon skill lines. Khajitt is a great way to go as they get extra melee critical as well.
I've had a lot of fun with it so far and I hope you do as well!

See it in action below in Veteran Maelstrom Arena!

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